Reserve a Giving Wall Plaque

Crest Lake Park
Donate toward various Clearwater Parks & Recreation amenities, and receive a plaque on The Giving Wall Honoring Our Bright & Beautiful Citizens at Crest Lake Park.
Donated funds may be directed toward park benches, trees, picnic tables, playground equipment or athletic field equipment. 


The Giving Wall at Crest Lake Park honors the residents, people, places and things via donations of varying amounts to benefit the parks people cherish.


Step 1.Visit Our Donation Website

Visit Donation Website

Step 2.Add To Your Cart

Check the box on the left hand side next to "Giving Wall Donation." Click "Add To Cart."

Step 3.Choose Your Amenity

  • Park Bench
  • Tree
  • Picnic Table
  • Playground Equipment
  • Athletic Field Equipment

Step 4.Add Your Plaque Text

Text is entered line by line and are limited to 35 characters.

Step 5.Select Your Donation Amount

  • Bronze Level, $250
  • Silver Level, $500
  • Gold Level, $750
  • Onyx Level, $1,000

Step 6.Click "Proceed to Checkout"