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 Visitors to downtown Clearwater will notice something different and artistic along the median of Cleveland Street. Three new sculptures are now on display as part of the city of Clearwater’s Sculpture360 program. The three sculptures represent a heart, a face and a musical note, and they are an expression and message each artist wants to share with visitors to Clearwater.

“Imperfections of the Heart”
By artist Dominique Martinez

Everyone has a heart, and no one walking this planet has a perfect one. Thus, “Imperfections of the Heart” was created by artist Dominique Martinez. As a representation for us all, no matter our differences, everyone has experienced betrayal, happiness, pain, love, sorrow, disloyalty and personal success. According to the artist, we all have inspired the creation of “Imperfections of the Heart.”




By artist Donald Gialanella

The artist's fascination with the human face can be seen in this monumental stainless steel head named after the ancestral source of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess, Gaia. The artist's interpretation of each human face seems to contain, and sometimes magically reveal, the mystery of another human being. Capturing this enigma became the objective and passion in the creation of Gaia. She is an idealized portrait intended of the personification of beauty and wisdom. If you see Gaia on a clear day, the mirror-polished irises will reflect the sky and appear blue.



“In a Musical Atmosphere”
By artist Adi BenDov iDEA

The sculpture entitled "In a Musical Atmosphere" is made of aluminum and four types of glass. It was specially created for Clearwater and includes elements that are unique to the city. The metal represents stability, security and calmness, which characterize Clearwater’s growth in the spheres of family, education, spirit, art and business. The glass represents the city’s transparency and brotherhood, beautiful clean beaches and spectacular sunsets. The flowing musical notes represent the affinity, respect and space for Clearwater’s art and music culture. The artist dedicated the piece with love to the city's residents and guests.



In its ninth season, Sculpture360 is a rotating exhibition of temporary artwork and is part of the Clearwater Public Art and Design Program. The exhibition is supported through contributions from the city’s Public Art Fund and partnerships with local donors and organizations. Season IX will run through June 2020 and can be seen in the 400-600 blocks of Cleveland Street.