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Mural named " Comunidad" by Uruguayan artists Florencia Duran and Camilo Nunez

Comunidad is a celebration of cultural diversity, and shows empowered, united women who form a network and community. Uruguayan artists Florencia Duran and Camilo Nunez use sketches of real women to inform their murals and portraits. View the making of the mural HERE


Elysian Days, located at 512 Cleveland St. Inspired by the rainforest and the transformative power of nature, artist Cecilia Lueza softened and enlightened a blank wall with bright colors and shapes found in the natural world. See an interview with Lueza HERE.


Mural named "100 Years Before J. Cole" by Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol

One Hundred Years Before J. Cole, located at 620 Drew St. Husband and wife team Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol were inspired by the history of the region. The Orange Belt Railway, a narrow-gauge railway that cut through citrus groves, was founded in 1885. The safety bicycle (modern bicycle design) was also placed into production that same year. Today, the route of the Orange Belt Railway is the Pinellas Trail, and is used mostly by bicycles. The mural showcases a visual juxtaposition of coincidences.


Peace Offering, located at 1360 Cleveland St. Peace Offering pays homage to Florida’s rich Native American history. Inspired by the Florida seal, found in the heart of the Florida state flag, Brian McAllister and the Gibbs High School Mural Club depict a woman protecting the land from a storm on the horizon. See the mural painting in action and hear from the muralists HERE.