National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS)

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The National Alliance for Youth Training Programs are used extensively to educate league officials, organization leadership, coaches and parents, as well as the participants themselves. The department’s working relationship with the National Alliance for Youth Sports serves as a model for other organizations. The Clearwater NAYS Chapter was recognized as an outstanding chapter, with the city of Clearwater being awarded the NAYS Excellence in Youth Sports award and the selection of the Chapter Director as a NAYS Volunteer of the Year.

This non-profit educational program is designed to enhance the youth sporting experience. The City of Clearwater Chapter of NAYS Mission Statement says: "In the pursuit of excellence in youth sports, we are committed to creating a positive environment for our youth’s participation in and enjoyment of recreational sports".

For more information or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact:

  • Emily Frazer, 727-562-4802 x 3813
  • E-mail:

National Youth Sports Administrators Association

The program works to assist volunteer administrators, league presidents and board members in their efforts to set high standards and provide a safe, positive experience for the youth they serve.

National Youth Sports Coaches Association

The NYSCA provides training, support and continuing education to adults who volunteer to coach out-of-school youth sports teams. The coaches program works to ‘sensitize’ coaches to their responsibilities when working with children and hold them accountable to a Coaches Code of Ethics.

National Youth Sports Officials Association

The NYSOA provides training, support and continuing education to officials in out-of-school youth sports programs. Training emphasizes characteristics common to all successful sports officials: the importance of role modeling, decisiveness, poise, consistency, and confidence, as well as first aid, safety and other areas.

Parents Association For Youth Sports

PAYS is a membership organization that educates and motivates youth league parents to make their child’s sports experience safe and meaningful. The association uses innovative materials that encourage good sportsmanship, positive reinforcement and keeping youth sports in its proper perspective. The PAYS approach is designed to enhance parent/league relationships while holding parents accountable for their actions.

Start Smart Program

The Start Smart program introduces young children to sports in a non-threatening, non-competitive environment. The Start Smart Sports Development Program is a proven instructional program that prepares children ages 3 through 7 for the world of organized sports, without the threat of competition or getting hurt. Parents work together with the children in a supportive environment to learn the basic skills of sports...catching, hitting, kicking, and throwing.