Lawn Bowls

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Lawn Bowls is a game of both luck and strategy. This is a wonderful game to play to be active due to the walking, throwing and squatting. It is great for people of all ages, races and sex. Any number of players can play as long as teams are even. The object is to get your balls closer to the jack than your opponents. Once everyone has taken turns delivering their bowls, counting the number of bowls closer than your opponent’s closest bowl scores the points. The difficulty comes when the jack moves. The jack can be located anywhere from 70 to 114 feet from the mat and is thrown into its position. Teams roll bowls (also known as woods) that weigh 1.5 kg and are between 12 and 14.5 cm in diameter. They can be made of rubber, wood, or metal, but they are all flat on one side so that the ball curves when thrown. So go out and enjoy a game with your friends and family.727-

Clearwater Lawn Bowling Club

Everyone is welcome! Bowl on 22 Hard Tru courts, maintained for professional play. The club members will provide equipment and basic instruction to get you started. Please wear flat-soled shoes. The first time is free.