Extreme Sports

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Extreme sports, also known as action sports, include a multitude of adrenaline-pumping events which are rapidly growing in popularity, especially among the younger population. A typical event includes heart-pumping and out-of-this-world tricks that leave everyone watching in admiration. These sports include high levels of anticipation, speed, danger, and excitement. 
The X-Games, an annual event that can be seen on ESPN, has helped these sports gain popularity through a series of televised events. These events take place in an assortment of geographical settings, such as water, snow, dirt, and others. Events include skate boarding, BMX riding, snow boarding, aggressive in-line skating, and motor stunts. Also helping the sports gain recognition is the recent addition of several extreme sports to the Winter Olympic Games.

Ross Norton

Clearwater’s first extreme sports park at the Ross Norton Recreation Complex is for extreme sports such as skateboarding, inline skating, and BMX biking. The park was designed and developed by Woodward Ramps and Rails and Huna Designs. Woodward Ramps and Huna Designs are known worldwide for their quality and knowledge of rails and ramps. Each park created is unique and includes all the elements that an extremer could need.