Excellence in Youth Sportsmanship Award

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The City of Clearwater Parks and Recreation Department has been presenting The Excellence in Youth Sportsmanship Award since 2002.  The Award recognizes individuals who display a positive attitude and show respect toward their opponents, officials, and coaches.

Twelve youth athletes are selected every year to represent their sport organization as the Excellence in Youth Sportsmanship Award Winner. The youth athletes selected were chosen by their coaches and community based on the following:

  • EIYS representative act positively; affected a community's sports culture and game environment.
  • EIYS representative act clearly; demonstrates sportsmanship. The CSEC defines a sportsmanship act as behavior exhibited during competition by youth athletes based on values, respect and integrity.
  • EIYS representative displayed act(s) of integrity that go beyond the sport's playing rules and etiquette.
  • EIYS representative made decisions that while difficult or unpopular, are respectful of the game/opponent.
  • EIYS representative put others' needs ahead of his or her own.

The youth athletes who represent the meaning of the award recognize and do not hesitate to show that excellence in a sport is not achieved without respect for the game, for their opponents, for the officials and for the fans. They demonstrate how we must never forget the core value of the sport that transcends all levels of play and exemplifies the complete athlete: Sportsmanship.

The recipients of the 2016-2017 Excellence in Youth Sportsmanship Awards are: Imani Knighton (Blazin' Ravens Track Club), Ella Martinez (Clearwater Acquatic Team), Michael Shane (Clearwater Basketball Club), Makenna Adams (Clearwater Bullets), Michael Gourdine (Clearwater Jr Tornadoes), Kasey Heslin (Clearwater Lady Bombers), Matthew Rose (Clearwater Little League), Kyah van Deutekom (Clearwater Soccer Club), Danny Holdsworth (Clearwater Youth Lacrosse), Brooke Micallef (Countryside Jr Cougars), Austin Grantham (Countryside Little League), Marquavion Jeter (Greenwood Panthers). 

The City of Clearwater partners with local business, sports teams and other various organizations to provided unique experiences for the award winners to celebrate their success.  Contributing Sponsors and Donors; Clearwater For Youth, Caponga’s Dugout, Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Lighting, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Chic-Fil-A, Subway, Boardwalk Pizza and Gyros, and Russo’s New York Pizzeria of Clearwater.

If you are interested in supporting or learning more about the City of Clearwater Excellence in Youth Sportsmanship award please contact – Emily Frazer at (727) 562-4802 x3813. Or emily.frazer@myclearwater.com