Disc Golf

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Disc Golf is very similar to the traditional game of golf. The premise of the game remains the same in the fact that the object is to complete each hole with the least amount of strokes possible. In the case of disc golf however, it's the least amount of throws. The holes in disc golf are commonly called a Pole Hole and are elevated metal baskets. Unlike traditional golf, a disc golfer enjoys natural obstacles because they create challenges.

The annual Moccasin Lake Open is one of 20 Super Tour tournaments in the country and is hosted right here in Clearwater.

The City of Clearwater offers two beautifully crafted courses for disc golfers to enjoy.

City Courses

Cliff Stephens Park

  • 901 Fairwood Ave

The Cliff Stephens course is surrounded by beautiful Moccasin Lake Nature Park. The course is 5,635 feet long and has ten amateur tees, plus 10 long tees. The average length of each hole is 313.06 feet. It is an 18-hole course with chainstar holes and cement tees. While this course offers great roller potential, players must beware of gators and snakes!

NE Coachman Park

  • 1120 Old Coachman Rd.
NE Coachman is a 5,171-foot course with 287.28 feet as the average length of each hole. This is an 18-hole course with Mach 3 holes and cement tees. The course even connects to Cliff Stephens by a sidewalk near the 16th hole. This is a beautiful course with plenty of flora and well-defined fairways.1120 Old Coachman Rd.


Tampa Bay Disc Sports Club

The TBDSC is dedicated to the growth of the sport of disc golf in the greater Tampa Bay area, Florida and the World. They are members of the Professional Disc Golf Association who are the official source of information for the sport. There are over 170 members in the TBDSC and membership is still growing. Two of the members are nationally ranked in multiple divisions. Memberships for the TBDSC are offered to anyone interested in the game of Disc Golf. Benefits to membership include a T-shirt, newsletter, $1 off the handicap, and more. Members play every Sunday in the Coachman Handicap and later that afternoon in the Cliff Stephens Handicap. If you are interested in joining, visit the Tampa Bay Disc Sports Club'swebsite.