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What started in 1891 with peach baskets to bring outdoor games inside, has evolved into the game we know today. It is a very physical game, but still involves grace and coordination. It can be an excellent way to vent or relieve stress. Basketball is truly a game for everyone because you can change it to fit your style. You don't have to play by the official rules; you can just play whenever, wherever. Whether you're learning the game or looking for high level competition, we can help. 

Youth Leagues

Clearwater Basketball Group

Clearwater Basketball Club offers leagues, training, and competitive level (AAU) teams for boys and girls ages 9 to 17.  Girls and boys AAU teams have been offered for more than a decade and offer the highly competitive basketball athlete an opportunity to play against the best players in the state and, in some cases, the best players in the nation. Tryouts for these teams are typically held from October to December.

Our league is offered for beginner to advanced players at the North Greenwood Recreation and Aquatic Center and runs for two seasons.  A winter/spring season and a summer season.  Games and training are included in the league format.

Skill and fundamental training is offered throughout the year in group and private sessions for beginners to the highly competitive players.


Clearwater proudly hosts tournaments throughout the year. Spectators are always welcome. Occasionally an entrance fee may be charged. For more information call 562-4802 x 3813.