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38+, 45+ & 52+ Adult Baseball Leagues

18+ & 28+ Adult Baseball Leagues

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
  • $100.00 Closed Roster, per game, all players must have Recreation Card
  • $120.00 Open Roster, per game, No Recreation Card needed
  • Frank Tack Fields, 1967 N. Hercules Ave.
  • Joe DiMaggio Sports Complex, 2450 Drew St.
  • Lonzo Saunders, City of Clearwater, at 562-4802 x3839


2.0–2.5 New Beginner Drill 
This player has little to no tennis experience or needs instruction on basic technique.

2.6–3.0 Novice Drill
This player is learning to keep the ball in play and needs to improve court positioning and needs instruction on basic technique.

3.5–3.9 Intermediate Drill
This player has dependable strokes but lacks depth and variety. This player lacks control when going for power.

4.1+ Advanced Drill
This player is beginning to hit with power, spin, depth and control. The serve can be a weapon and he/she can move into a net position with some skill.

Classes only run if attendance minimums are met.

Schedule of classes (call the front desk at McMullen Tennis Complex at 727-669-1919 for more information):