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Sculpture360 is a rotating exhibition of temporary artwork and is part of the Clearwater Public Art and Design Program. The exhibition is supported through contributions from the City’s Public Art Fund and partnerships with other local donors and organizations. For more information on Sculpture360, or to donate or sponsor a sculpture, please contact (727) 562-4837.

Sculpture360: Season VII

The Sculpture360 program enters its seventh season along the Cleveland Street District in the heart of Downtown Clearwater. Season VII will run from October 2015 – April 2017 and can be viewed in person in the 400-600 blocks of Cleveland Street.

Craig “CR” Gray – “Slices of

“Without inspiration, there is no creativity. Without art, there is no inspiration.” Artist Craig “CR” Gray has been carving stone for the past 25+ years. His passions include his family, surfing, paddle-boarding, hiking, creating works of art out of simple means, and enjoying life to the fullest. He enjoys his days in Key West, Florida, where he lives with his wife and four children. Craig often beings his days at 5:00 am, sculpture before the sun comes up thanks to Florida’s 12-month-a-year art season.

Claudia Jane Klein – “

Claudia Jane Klein began her artistic training at Albert Lea College in Minnesota where she majored in art. She went on to study drawing and design at Metropolitan City College in Denver, and apprenticed with master ceramicist Louis Mendez in New York. In 1981 the artist turned her creative talents toward fashion design. In addition to successful marketing of her dresses under her own label in major department stores nation-wide, and in her own stores in Warwick and NYC, she was recognized by the Fashion Institute of Technology for her unique designs.

In 1990 Claudia made the decision to leave the pressures of the fashion industry behind and to concentrate solely on sculpture. Toward that end, she studied metal fabrication and welding in trade schools in New York and Florida. Since that time she has been focusing on metal sculpture in her studio in Lake Worth, Florida.

Hanna Jubran – “Mountain

To artist Hanna Jubran, the nature of his goals for art is to reflect his own aesthetic views, concepts, and sincerity of expression. Since leaving his home town of Jish, Israel, in 1967, his dream has been to become an active voice out of the self-described relatively invisible place. To him there is no choice but to continue his intended journey and give to his communities in the East and West through a feeling of accomplishment and pride, motivated by a desire to be creative and a contributor to humanity.

For the last several years, Hanna Jubran has regularly participated in international sculpture symposia in Canada, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Mexico, and the United States. Through these exhibitions Hanna had expanded his network of friendships and influences. He enjoys the interaction with artists from other countries which broadens his understanding of contemporary issues and provides him with fresh ideas and new sculpture to bring back to his students at East Carolina University where he is a professor of sculpture.