Volleyball, although created in the United States, has become popular across the globe and is now the second most popular sport in the world after soccer. A combination of basketball, baseball, tennis and handball created this wonderful sport. Volleyball is a great recreational activity and can be played anywhere by anyone. (All you need to play is a net, ball and some friends. You can play at the beach, in the gym or even in your own backyard.) If you’re more of a serious athlete, competitive leagues are also available.

Pinellas Heat Elite

The Pinellas Heat Elite club strives to foster the growth of superior volleyball players whose aspirations are to reach a skill level of elite performance. To accomplish this goal, the Directors and Staff are committed to developing young athletes through quality instruction by certified coaches; to exposing them to high-level competition; to creating an environment that is fun and fulfilling; and to facilitating opportunities for future successes. Terry and Barb Small, (727) 418-6171.